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What Do Soldiers Carry and What Does It Weigh?

We live in an age of unprecedented technology – technology that makes our lives easier and more connected at the push of a touch-screen and glace of a monitor. For the military, ruggedized equivalents provide tactical awareness, allowing soldiers and Marines to see beyond their personal sight using GPS, smartphones, tablets, and even helmet-mounted screens. […]

5 Military Power Challenges in an Austere Environment

An austere environment is one devoid of infrastructure. No power grid, no hospital, bad terrain, bad road—if any. In these situations a soldier needs to carry in everything he needs to complete his mission. PEO Soldier of the US Army gave a presentation on the power needs of soldiers in the field, particularly in “Tier […]

Universal Power on the Battlefield

You’ve probably heard the lament “water, water, everywhere, and not a drop to drink” paraphrased from The Rime of the Ancient Mariner. Power – electricity – is a lot like that: you can sometimes find it all around you, but you can’t always tap into it to recharge or power your devices. The concept of […]