Vest Power Manager

The VPM-402 provides full-size data and power management in a vest-sized package.

The Vest Power Manager seamlessly handles data pass through, prioritizes battery usage, reports power levels, and automatically alerts the operator to any issues. And because it integrates data and power in a single device, it eliminates the need for additional batteries and separate power and data cables.

The VPM-402’s smart USB hub interconnects all data enabled devices, while also enabling constant operability of tablets, radios, GPS receivers, and other electronic devices from a single battery. Because the VPM combines power and data management in a single compact device, it eliminates the need for additional cables that take up space and add complexity, weight, entanglement hazards, and administrative burden. Reducing the number and variety of batteries that the warfighter has to carry is another significant advantage of the VPM-402 – saving additional weight, complexity and admin hassle.

Our Vest Power Manager is the most user-friendly solution to managing power and data for military situational awareness systems currently available on the market. It is also rugged, reliable, easy-to-use, and operationally proven in use with the US Army, USMC, US SOCOM, and international allies.

  • Four universal power ports
  • Power equipment independently
  • Graphical interface
  • Full SMBus & USB connectivity
  • Energy scavenger efficiently
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Features of the VPM-402

  • Uses standard USB protocols to pass data between connected devices – regardless of manufacturer
  • Plugs into any available power source – vehicle/aircraft, AC, solar, etc. – to charge most military and commercial rechargeable batteries
  • Full SMBus and USB connectivity for set-and-forget, accurate state of-charge indication, and battery health monitoring and reporting
  • Supports current and legacy military GPS, HF comm’s and data-enabled devices; including: PRC-148, PRC-154, PRC-152, RF-7800T, RF-3590, SIR 2.5 Tactical Rover, Android Tablets, etc.
  • Automatically converts power from any source to any device through the same cable used for data – reducing weight, complexity and excess cabling
  • Totally weatherproof and able to function fully submerged

Tech Specs of the VPM-402

VPM-402 Technical Specifications Click here to download PDF

Accessories for the VPM-402

We provide a wide range of accessories and cables for the VPM-402.  Visit our SUPPORTED EQUIPMENT and APPLICATIONS pages to see examples of what the VPM can do.  If you do not see what you need, please feel free to CONTACT US to discuss your requirements.

Applications of the VPM-402

The VPM-402 supports a range of mission-essential military applications. To find out more, visit the APPLICATIONS section of our website.

The VPM-402 has also been integrated into a number of end-user specific solutions. To find out more, visit the SOLUTIONS section of our website.


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