Our Story


We believe that power should not be a limiting factor for dismounted troops and rapidly-deployable forces, so we work to solve the power problems so they can focus on their mission.

We provide off-the-shelf support for every commonly deployed battery, radio, tablet and laptop – as well as many types of specialty gear like medical and EOD equipment, communication systems, UAVs / UGVs, and much more.


The “PTX” name originated as shorthand for Protonex (pronounced “pro-TON-ex”), but also stands for “Power Technology for eXtreme conditions”. The “Protonex” name itself is a contraction of “Proton Exchange” – reflecting the company’s roots in portable hydrogen fuel cell technology.

In the early 2000’s, Protonex developed the first “Power Manager” system for military forces. Now in their 3rd Generation, these have been a huge hit with US and Allied Special Operations Teams that operate for extended periods of time in austere environments.

Nomadic cultures have also long been adept at surviving and thriving in austere environments, and these two sources were the inspiration for our “Nomad” logo and ethos. In creating a brand that is more than just a logo, we combined the Spartan helmet symbol of a warrior with the universal symbol for electricity – the lightning bolt.

ptx logo

Our warrior spirit, our nomadic ethos, and our total end-user orientation is what guides us on our mission to deliver power however and wherever you need it. Join us, become a PTX Nomad too.

dismounted patrol


Many of our employees are military veterans, and several of them are recent GWOT veterans of US Special Operations Forces. Therefore, giving back to the community is more than just ‘corporate social responsibility’ or ‘being Patriotic’ – for us it’s more of an everlasting sacred bond between Brothers (and Sisters) In Arms.

Military charities that we support include:

soww ranger eod warrior