Managing Power and Energy

power and energy

Some form of power is required to operate most any type of equipment in today’s ever changing environment. Protonex provides customers with the knowledge to not only power their equipment, but to sustain them for future success. Having a basic understanding of how power is gathered and distributed to meet our needs will guarantee future success in any endeavor you choose to pursue.

Our instruction on Power Management will open a world of new and greater potential. Whether you are operating 1 or 100 pieces of equipment, we can teach you the best way to maximize your power sources to meet or exceed your power requirements.

OEM Equipment Training

oem training

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) often face frustration after the purchase of their gear because it stays on warehouse shelves, or in CONEX boxes, because no training package is available to teach operators how to use it, or how to maximize its potential.

Another challenge is the security clearances needed by trainers in order to gain access to relevant mission sets and CONOPS (‘concepts of operations’) in which the equipment will be used. And it’s not cheap either – a single TSSCI clearance can cost as much as $150K.

Our team of former SOF operators already have the necessary security clearances, as well as years of experience of teaching and training under austere conditions. Based on their skills and experience, we are able to put together training packages for OEMs consisting of classroom instruction, domestic and in-theater field training, and web-based New Equipment Training (NET). Most packages typically include a combination of two or three training methods to ensure the most thorough and seamless learning, and maximum value, possible.

Special Operations Teams

sof team training

Special Operations Teams also come to us for training that is not specific to a single piece of equipment, but rather is a set of tactics and skills needed for a particular mission – often including equipment training for gear from multiple suppliers, as well as system-level concepts of operation.

Special Operations teams connect with our Training Team for their tactical and technical proficiencies in a wide variety of disciplines. Whether a SOF team is training in a classroom or in some austere location far from home, our training teams deliver high-level training to individuals and teams – as well as entire organizations.